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Voyage is a hand-painted cinematic adventure

And it's out now on Steam

I hadn't heard of Voyage until just a few hours ago, which seems like a waste. I could have spent months or years looking forward to this game, and instead it's here already, available to buy and looking beautiful.

Voyage is an adventure about two people wordlessly exploring a series of hand-painted landscapes, solving puzzles and piecing together a mystery. You can play it alone or with a pal. Watch the trailer and tell me you don't want to.

Cover image for YouTube videoVoyage - Launch Trailer

Yes, yes, yes. This is self-evidently gorgeous, isn't it? Those colours! Those cute creatures. The little effects like dripping rain or rustling leaves in the foreground. I mean, just look at this GIF from the store page:

I'm even excited about the music, which is by Calum Bowen, he of Snipperclips and Pikuniku's upbeat, playful soundtracks.

The Steam page is light on information about the meat of the game. It seems like it's 2-3 hours long; its story is wordless; it's non-violent; and its controls are remappable. You can control its two characters on your own if you're playing it solo, which I guess is a little reminiscent of Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons.

But really, this post is just to say, "Look!". Voyage is out on Steam now for £10.79/$13.49/€13.49. I'm going to play it and report back.

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