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Wacky physics puzzle game Poly Bridge 2 is out now

We'll burn that bridge when we get to it

Why did the truck cross the road? Because the bridge was out, obviously. Or at least it will be if you're as bad at the wacko physics puzzle game Poly Bridge 2 as I likely would be. If you are, the second installment, like the first, lets you call in help from Twitch viewers. Poly Bridge 2 is out now with some new juice under the hood over its predecessor.

As with the original, Poly Bridge 2's main goal is to get cars, trucks, and other vehicles safely across a body of water using a given budget for building materials. If you don't properly support your structures, they're liable to fall apart and dunk yer little toy trucks in the drink. Oh and mind all the ridiculous obstacles like giant rocks and pirate ships, aye?

There are a lot of tweaks and fixes and improvements that developers at Dry Cactus say Poly Bridge 2 has over the original. They've improved their physics simulation to ensure that, given the same exact structure, everyone will get the same result—important for the competitive engineers vying for the leaderboard.

They've also built a whole Twitch extension this time around that lets viewers build their version of a bridge directly from a caster's Twitch page. Streamers can show off and test the technical masterpieces of their viewers by accepting a submitted "suggestion". The original Poly Bridge also allowed viewer suggestions, but the building interface was on a separate site instead of handily integrated into Twitch.

There's plenty more, including a handy-sounding "first break indicator" that will let you know where all the trouble started in your failed design. The squeaky joist gets the grease, or however that saying goes.

You can find Poly Bridge 2 on Steam and the Epic Games Store for £11.39/€12.49/$14.99.

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