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Wacky Wheels HD Is Out And Still Sufficiently Wacky

Those wheels sure are wacky

When I was a kid, I played the heck out of Apogee's classic racer Wacky Wheels. That and another kart racer where there was some sort of alien (I'm pretty sure it wasn't this one) whose catchphrase was "Burn tachyons!" and I've never been able to figure out what game it was since. But now, thanks to developer Ferocity 2D's dogged desire to bring Wacky Wheels into the future with Wacky Wheels HD [official site], I can play this kart racer again with a modern computer. A lot.

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It's a simple and fun little racer that features a bunch of animals racing around beachside, African serengeti, and volcanic tracks. You know, as they do.

Wacky Wheels HD offers its own set of new tracks and those based on the original game's, with 8-player online multiplayer support and 4-player local split screen. Good, because I tire of having to consistently hop online to play when I have perfectly good human beings in my living room that I could play with instead. The original soundtrack's been remastered as well, and obviously the graphics have been given something of an overhaul.

It's a little bizarre to see a revival of a classic Apogee title like this revived on Itch, but then here we are. Does anyone remember what that damn alien was from? I'm going to keep thinking about it all night now until I can recall it.

If you're interested in nabbing this new version Wacky Wheels, you can find it on Itch for $7.99 or on Steam for £6.99/9,99€/$9.99. The original game is still on GOG and Steam too.

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