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Wake Sale: Alan Wake Now Humbled And Bundled

Do you have between one and infinity dollars? Are you waiting for Alan Wake to be 'bundled' up with the expansion and extra materials, where the costs are distributed between the developers and charity? Those are some very specific conditions you have there. Gaming welcomes you, but if that's your criteria for every game then you might want to relax it a bit. Just buy games in sales and give money to charity, okay? This week's Humble Bundle sale presents Alan Wake, Remedy's love letter to Stephen King novels and lovely naps. But it's more of a nap that a baby has, where it wakes up screaming and smelling of poo, because the bundle also marks the end of Remedy's work on an Alan Wake sequel.

The bundle contains both the game and its expansion, along with a pile of additional material. There are gigabytes of movies, from the first demos of the game from 2005, to an entire playthrough of the game.

A part of me hopes it's Remedy's way of gauging interest in their sleepy writer (I am also one of those), but they've already moved onto making Quantum Break exclusively for the Xbone. I'd like to snarkily point out how well that worked for them the last time, but instead I'll just show the video of Sam Lake, Remedy's scriptwriter and face of Max Payne, to explain how they've been unable to continue to bring the Payne Wake.

Watch on YouTube

He does seem really sad, and now I want to give him a hug.

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