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Walaber Wobbles Less, Leaps More

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Mr Walaber has recently come to some fame. His gorgeously wobbly JellyCar physics game is now available on the Xbox Live, as part of the XNA doodah (this stands for "XNA's Not Acronymed", in a peculiar moment of Microsoft doing a Free Software gag). (Head here and you can play it on your PC). But we're here today to look at his next game, Gymnast.

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As you'll have seen, this uses those physics the young people love to recreate bar-based gymnastics. And so very elegantly. Far more reminiscent of Walaber's Trampoline than JellyCar, this is also being developed for both PC ad 360, and will apparently utilise the analogue controls of a 360 pad. (Is it ok to start thinking that a 360 pad is a necessary piece of equipment for PC gaming now? Not that developers and MS can get away with making PC games only work with a 360 pad, which is popping up in a worrying fashion, but it does seem a decent addition).

From the trailer, my initial thought is how rewarding it will be to play well. But now I'm compelled to go and play JellyCar some more.

Thanks, as ever, to Fun-Motion.

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