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Want To Voice A Character In Mass Effect Andromeda? BioWare's Got A Competition For You

Voice over IP

BioWare are holding an open competition to find a voice actor for Mass Effect Andromeda [official site], releasing tidbits of story as they do it. They’re asking interested folks to read two audition scripts and send in either video or audio recordings of their best takes. The video below explains the competition exclusively via the medium of jokes, so this blog post about it may also be helpful. Before you enter - remember that Mass Effect games are known for their literate conversations and complex characters. Are you ready for your first scene? Okay, you are playing the role of Tough Mercenary.

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“Your entry will be judged on the quality of your voice performance and how well it matches the Mass Effect style,” says BioWare. The two scripts also offer a glimpse into the galaxy that might await us. In this one you are asked to play Jordan Tate, a documentary maker who is asking the main character, Ryder, what he/she thinks about the pioneering expeditions of humans in the Andromeda galaxy. In the second script, Tough Mercenary is talking to his mate, Worried Mercenary, about a rough character called Sanders who seems to be the head honcho in their system. Of course, the final game might include none of this stuff.

Once you’ve recorded your bits, BioWare asks that you to send it all to The winner of the competition will be flown to one of the developer’s recording studios and booked into a hotel for two nights on the company dime. The contest is closing on September 28 and a panel of employees from the studio will be judging the entries, with the final winner decided by November 30. If you want the full rules, they’re here and if you want to practice some extra scenes I have prepared one for you below. You are playing the role of Panicked Colonist.

Scene three: The colony’s recreation room is full of people. Some are playing pool, others chat to friends.

Panicked Colonist: We are all going to die.

Chipper Colonist: Eventually, yes!

Panicked Colonist: There is a man over there with a giant gun on his back, looking at us.

Chipper Colonist: He looks like a policeman.

Panicked Colonist: Don’t look at him. He’s coming this way.

Chipper Colonist (to stranger): How do you do, sir?

Ryder (punching them both): I am with the space police. Tell me what you know about space.

Panicked Colonist: It's big!

Chipper Colonist: It's got stars in!

Ryder: Thank you.

[Renegade prompt - kill them both. Paragon prompt - kill only the Chipper Colonist]

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