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Warframe celebrates its seventh birthday with a free suit of armour

Blow out the candles, Tenno

What did you get on your seventh birthday? I might be misremembering, but think five of my mates got me the same Bionicle kit after a heated afternoon at Lazer Quest. Pretty good day, honestly. This week saw Warframe celebrate its seventh anniversary. Rather than waiting for the community to gift them a load of old socks, Digital Extremes are giving all Tenno a free armour set until the end of the month.

A Warframe is just a big Bionicle anyway, right?

Blimey, though. Seven years of Warframe. I reckon I played about seven minutes of the thing back when it was a newborn - an awkward, janky mess of an early access game that I never really got around to giving another shot.

Watch on YouTube

Until March 30th, logging into Warframe will net you the free Dex Raksaka Armor Set, as demonstrated in the slick video above. As detailed in an anniversary post this week, every three days there'll be a new set of goodies to unlock by taking part in special alerts - including weapon slots, Dex weapons and cosmetics from previous anniversary events.

Digital Extremes are also taking submissions for Warframe's next community-created 'Frame over on their forums. Normally, that sort of thing gives me pause - community-submitted art can come across as an easy way to gather unpaid work - but the devs note that they're only looking for players to submit theme ideas. Ideas that'll then be voted on by a Community Design Council.

Sure, you can submit art, but the council probably isn't gonna look at it. A community artist known as Eornheit will be largely responsible for the final design, and the new Warframe's name and look will be revealed on July 11th at TennoCon 2020.

Elsewhere in space: Warframe is currently preparing for its next big update, Operation Scarlet Spear, with a grand ol' spring clean.

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