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Warhammer is 25 (and a few days)

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With Warhammer moving ever more into the world of videogames, this just about inches into our remit. Or, at least, an excuse for an amusingly geeky comments thread. On Wednesday, Games Workshop's Warhammer celebrated its 25 years of painting little guys at the weekend. The Miniature Wargames Union made a two-part documentary about the development of the game, which will make certain gamers sigh nostalgically about the Nippon and Norse Army lists in Ravening Hordes.

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Second part beneath the cut.

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I actually had a Norse army, which I improvised with plastic historical figures on a very similar to 25mm scale which were sold for a couple of quid for about one-hundred in a local toy shop. The teenage Games Workshop-dom was all about trying to work out how on earth you could get a playable army without having to resort to petty thievery for me.

Our particular social-set's moment of semi-genius was noting that the first plastic miniatures came in a set of 60 for ten quid or so. Unfortunately, they were 10 of each of the races included - 10 orcs, 10 goblins, 10 dwarves, 10 elves, 10 skaven and 10... Dark Elves, I believe. So five of us all threw in 10 quid each - except the Orc player, who threw in twenty - and ordered six packs, giving us a 60-strong core of an army. Except the orc player, who had 120 pretty-much identical little dudes for him to slowly drive himself mad painting while waiting for Nirvana to start releasing records. In fact, now I think about it, he was still painting them when Nirvana actually did start releasing records four years later.

Er... anyone else got any fond memories of Games Workshop they'd like to share?

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