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Warhammer Quest 2 crawls onto PC


The turn-based tactical ratbashing of Warhammer Quest 2: The End Times has arrived on PC, following its 2017 debut on pocket telephones. The first one was pretty deece and this time all the DLC sold for the mobile version is included as standard on PC. If you fancy some light tactical monstermashing within a fantasy universe that makes middle-aged British people feel all roasty-toasty inside, voila!

Made by Perchang, Warhammer Quest is a turn-based tactical dungeon-crawler that'll have us leading a party from from various classes of fightfolk across several regions of Warworld, bashing baddies and gathering loot and levelling up and all that along the way. I've not had a go myself but hear good things.

Our former Adam (RPS in peace) quite liked the first, saying in his Warhammer Quest review that it "fits snugly onto a very specific shelf in my gaming library." We may never know what he'd make of the sequel, what with him RPSing in peace and all. But from reading around, it sounds like 2 is like 1 but tweaked and improved a bit. And coming with the DLC included on PC this time is definitely a great change.

Warhammer Quest 2 is out now for Windows and Mac. It's on Steam priced at £16.19/€17.99/$17.99, which includes a wee launch discount.

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