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Warriors Of Elysia Pre-Order Now Available

I know what you're thinking. You're thinking "Does he mean Warriors of Elysia, the famed sequel to 2002 smash hit Bikini Karate Babes?" Yes! Yes that is in fact exactly the game I mean. For the low, low price of £14.95 you can now pre-order Warriors of Elysia on Direct2Drive right here, and when the game is released on April 19th 2011 you lucky punters will also receive the accompanying Escape From Exile full-length movie and the original Bikini Karate Girls. A trailer follows. It is not safe for work, unless you work in a lubricant factory or something. I used to work in a lubricant factory, actually. I didn't stick around.

The interesting thing here is that Bikini Karate Babes was created as a spoof cash-in type thing, designed to ridicule and capitalise on the trend in fighting games of female characters wearing less and less. In the years after BKB was released it went on to develop such a sizeable cult following that Warriors of Elysia is an entirely po-faced product where the female characters just, you know, wear bikinis all the time. Curious. Anyway, that trailer.

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