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Punch-O-Spin-A-Gunshoot: Warstache

"Reverse Russian roulette", they call it

Russian roulette is a passive-aggressive gunfight, isn't it? I'll just leave this revolver here on the table with one bullet in the cylinder, shall I, and it'd be terrible if some idiot were to fire it into their head. Almost as terrible as missing breakfast this morning because I was out of soya milk which is strange because I walked all the way to the Sainsbury's to buy a new carton only yesterday. Just awful.

Warstache makes Russian roulette actively aggressive. Pummel foes to grab an empty gun, find and load a bullet, spin the chamber, then click-click-click before they can swipe the gun and turn it on you.

Here, see how it all works in this here trailer heralding its arrival on Steam Greenlight:

In short: punch men, and sometimes shoot men. The idea's solid, though I often find side-scrolling brawlers with a 3D space awkward, especially when they have 2D character art. Developers Figment Games do also plan to add refined ladies to murder the gentlemen and each other. I'm a little wary given the touch of "Ho ho breasts!" humour tainting this otherwise perfectly reasonable and polite video game about national caricatures murdering each other.

Figment plan to release Warstache on Windows, Mac, and Linux in "early 2015."

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