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Watch as the Skyblivion team take us on a tour of a redesigned Cyrodiil

They did what to Leyawiin?

You’re going to have to burn your cloth map if you want to return to Skyblivion’s Cyrodiil. The latest update on the The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion remake in Skyrim shows they’re not afraid to make huge changes to the world, building a bigger and bolder looking remake. Let’s take a walk.

Cover image for YouTube videoOur Biggest Update Yet, Remaking The World of Oblivion | SKYBLIVION Development Diary #3

The world has undergone a sizeable redesign. They’re rebuilding the Fall Forest, making it larger and lusher for players enjoy. The Gold Coast has been recast to better fit its name. The grass now glimmers in the sun, blinding you to the darker elements that hide there, though the manly narrator assures us that the necromancer infestation is but a myth. Phew! We’re left with a few more glimpses of the brighter areas, like the Colovian Highlands and the city of Anvil, before delving into Blackwood. The foggy marsh there is thick with trees and ancient ruins. It all looks very impressive.

Leyawiin has been completely revamped. They’ve reworked the landscape the city sits on. Lots of farms now dot the land just outside the city walls, and new roads have been built to help connect it to trade routes. They’ve even created shipping lanes, splitting it into three districts. Inside the walls, there are now distinct sections of upper and lower class areas, housing inns, guilds, and imposing buildings.

I quite like how they’re expanding on the game. The remade forts, buildings that have fallen into ruin and taken over by bandits, are impressive wrecks. They look like excellent places to fight in and take screenshots. They’ve also expanded the borders to other, inaccessible, lands. The cliffs now seem impassable, and huge gates have been added in prominent locations.

If this has gotten you excited to play it… sorry. That’s not going to be possible for a while yet. We’re closer than ever before, with the team suggesting "we are finally seeing the end of the road" during a previous update, but there’s never been a release date for this.

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