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Watch Nvidia's Gamescom event right here

RTX 2080 here we come?

Nvidia's big Gamescom surprise is almost upon us, and you can watch every single minute of it right here from the comfort of your own browser. Will we finally see the new RTX cards, or will everything centre on Nvidia's BFGDs / Big Format Gaming Displays? Well, we won't have to wait long to find out, as everything kicks off at 6pm CET (that's 5pm UK time, or 10am PDT) at Cologne's Palladium.

I'll be there at the event itself to bring you all the latest juicy sound bites, potential frame rate counts and other technical gubbins as soon as I can chuck them into the RPS internet machine, but if you'd rather not wait for my furious clicking and clacking to speed through the bowels of the world wide web, have a gander of Nvidia's Twitch stream below, where you can watch the whole event as it happens.

The headline act is very much expected to be Nvidia's Turing GPUs. Last week, Nvidia unveiled their professional line-up of Turing cards in the form of three new Quadro RTX cards, so this week I'm crossing all fingers and toes for a glimpse of their GeForce equivalent – which, through some sneaky teaser video sleuthing, would appear to be not only dropping the classic GTX moniker in favour of Nvidia's new RTX handle, but also jumping straight to a new 20-series of graphics cards (think RTX 2080) instead of the expected 11-series.

If fancy new graphics cards are indeed on the horizon, we might also get some more information about Nvidia's BFGDs as well, such as their price and potential release date. These 65in 4K G-Sync HDR screens are essentially the monitor equivalent of high-end TVs, giving you all the benefits of a typical PC display, such as high refresh rates, ultra-low response times and a more practical set of inputs, from the comfort of your living room.

I'd imagine we'll also see a lot of new game footage – presumably being pumped through those aforementioned Turing cards so they look nicer and shinier than ever before – and maybe even a couple of secret reveals and announcements. Either way, it's almost certainly going to be an interesting watch, so why not do so below?

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