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Watch out Viewfinder, there's another game about jumping into paintings within paintings

Tenebris Pictura is the next oddity from the Megaton Rainfall team

An investigator walks toward a square portal to escape the painterly world in a screenshot from Tenebris Pictura.
Image credit: Pentadimensional Games

Following the dizzying superhero speeds of Megaton Rainfall, developers Pentadimensional Games are now making something even weirder. In Tenebris Pictura, you play as a psychic investigator (both the psychic-powered and psychic-investigating type) who’s searching for a missing person in the Victorian era. The investigation soon takes you to a remote island engulfed in paranormal goings-on and, well, things take a strange turn. You better look for yourself below.

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None of the above fits neatly into a genre - unless you want to mash together a bunch of words. Pentadimensional describes itself as an “ultra-corporeal action adventure,” where you’re “embroiled in a supernatural mystery linked with a shady sect and sightings of extraterrestrial beings” who have escaped from those paintings (or world containers.)

That’s certainly a lot to chew on, but my interest is piqued. There’s some top-down action with flashy area-of-effect spells. Some physics-defying puzzles that involve jumping into paintings within paintings within paintings (eat your creepy, photographic heart out, Viewfinder). Some classic haunted house exploration complete with shifting rooms. Chin-wagging with old chaps. And… racing horses across interdimensional tendrils? Sold.

The Steam page for Tenebris Pictura also teases some interesting paranormal powers: “Conceal your body from danger and separate your soul to face the demon hordes.” Your fleshy corporeal form isn’t entirely useless, though, as you’ll need to move objects around beforehand to “divide and conquer” the enemies when ghost form.

Pentadimensional Games seem to have a knack for making cool worlds but their last endeavour fell short slightly. Our Megaton Rainfall review said the team had “created something beyond comprehension, something utterly extraordinary, and then had little idea of what to do with it.” I’m hoping the minute-to-minute experience of playing Tenebris Pictura is as interesting as its trippy world, though.

Tenebris Pictura is out on August 31st on Steam and the Epic Games Store.

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