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Ronin Data: Way Of The Samurai 4 Out July 23rd

Contains samurai hipsters

I hear that Way of the Samurai 4 [official site] is an odd game, the sort that is wobbly in places but still wins some people over simply because it's not quite like anything else out there. Set in a fictional Japanese port town, it focuses on the conflict between pro- and anti-government forces, and the pesky foreigners (us lot) who are stationed in the settlement. As a customised samurai, you'll be able to involve yourself in all of that rigmarole, or muck about in the minigames on offer. And then you can do it all again, dealing with the consequences of your previous life.

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I know people who love the series. They're the kind of people who find it very hard to articulate what it is about a thing that they love, repeatedly pointing out that it's "really weird, yeah?" and "some weird shit happens". This will be the debut of the series on PC - it launches July 23rd.

More than anything, I'm pleased to see these 19th century hipsters in the trailer.

Bet they only drink bottled beer and think anyone who goes for draft is an embarrassment.

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