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We Are Storm Legion: Rift Getting Massive Expansion

Have you ever expanded anything? For instance, how about your house? Maybe you caved a few walls and - with a liberal application of elbow grease - crafted the most impressive garage in the entire cul-de-sac. Well, Trion Worlds, by comparison, has the most impressive garage on the entire planet. And also, it's not a garage. Rift's Storm Legion expansion - which will apparently triple the already beastly beast-slayer's real estate - will up the level cap to 60, introduce two new continents, add a smattering of new dungeons, and test out a form of player housing known as "dimensions."

GameSpot has the full details, which also include a new zone event creature called the colossus. It's 100 times the size of a normal player, so, uh, good luck. As for the continents, Dusken's got a vague horror influence to it - but is unfortunately not called FromDuskTilDawnen - and Brevane is home to the Eternal City, which sounds pretty important. I bet it has some amazing garages.

If you hate the outdoors, though, there are also seven new dungeons, three new raids, and one new story-centric Chronicle - all leading up to a showdown with Crucia, Queen of Storms. Continuing the story focus, Trion Worlds plans to move away from golden exclamation points and toward more instant adventures, which whisk players away to battle-packed zones, well, instantly.

Also, perhaps most importantly, you can wear capes now. Only time will tell whether they billow majestically or simply stick to backs as though anchored by a slimy film of sweat, but either way, they're bound to enhance your adventures by 224 percent. At any rate, you'll probably feel more capable.

So basically, the modus operandi of Storm Legion is "more." If you're looking for out-of-left-field curveballs, you probably won't find many. But, if you're a Rift player who came down with a mean case of wanderlust, maybe this will finally bring you back home. And then you'll get stepped on by a colossus. Just like old times!

And now, a CG trailer that's completely non-representative of what Storm Legion will actually be like when it launches this fall:

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