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We Gotta Loose Fukkin' Nook: Ghost Recon Alpha

I think releasing a short film to accompany your forthcoming game is a great way to promote it. It doesn't matter if the film is terrible or great, it'll get talked about, and who doesn't like half an hour of dumb action? Wrong people, that's who. Small suggestion though: if you're going to go to all that effort to make such an elaborate advert for your game, don't release it exclusively to one site legendary for its crappy efforts with streaming films, in terrible low res. It's, well, the dumbest idea available. Ghost Recon Alpha is on the receiving end of that.

Why on Earth Ubi thought signing an exclusive deal with LoveFilm was a good idea I cannot fathom. Why it's available with no HD option, but rather in terrible blurry quality in a tiny window, that expands dreadfully to fullscreen, is also a mystery time shall not explain. And it's a shame, because while shouty nonsense from start to finish, it's a nicely made bit of fluff.

While the apparent "goodies" seemed far more horrid than the baddies, there's lots of lovely SFX silliness, magical invisibility cloaks, and giant stompy dogbots. The special effects go wonky here and there - it's certainly not a huge budget effort, but looks fine all the same. And it'll get you into the spirit of Ghost-style takedowns and angry men shouting swears about missiles.

But, it's all in a blurry little box on another website, because that's the best way to perform advertising. Restrict it to one place, and make it as low quality as possible. Here's a far higher quality trailer:

Cover image for YouTube video

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