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Webby Types: RPS Needs Your Help

If you'll forgive us something of a technical tangent, we find ourselves with a problem we're too stupid to solve - and it's possible one of you wonderful people might be able to help us. This post may be a little tedious if you don't have any web-fiddling knowledge/interest, so I'll stick the cut in now to keep its frontpage visibility to a minimum

Edit - By Jove I think we've fixed it, via the splendid Betterfeed plugin. Thanks very much to Andy`` for finding it.

The problem is our RSS feed. The site runs on Wordpress, but we pass the feed over to Feedburner. Unfortunately, we can only get the feed to either display complete posts - which is bad news a) because some of our posts are ridiculously long and that can be a big inconvenience for readers and b) because it means less people visit the site itself. We earn precious little from RPS as it is (nowhere near enough to pay the bills, though we hope to change that over time. Donations welcome, needless to say), but if we end up even less people seeing our ads because they're getting everything from the feed we'll eventually hit the point where running this place isn't viable anymore. Urk.

Alternatively we can set the feed to display summary posts, which are these 'orrible curtailed affairs that lead to people angrily accusing us of cheating them of content. What we want is for the feed to pick up on the !--more-- tag we stick into our posts when we don't want the whole lot to appear on the front page. But it doesn't, even though it's supposed to. I don't know if the problem lies with Feedburner or Wordpress, but my useless investigative skills haven't been able to dredge up a fix.

Previously, I managed to botch this into happening by using the Dualfeed plugin, but unfortunately our traffic, which has been building steadily over the last few months, became high enough that we've had to add the Supercache plugin to reduce the load on our poor server (hosted by the lovely people at Positive Internet). This conflicts with Dualfeed, so that's been deactivated. So my question to you, with your giant brain and friendly demeanour, is how can we fix this? If anyone has a bright idea (and one that can be expressed in very simple terms, as my web coding knowledge is incredibly rudimentary), we'll be enormously grateful. And will find some way to honour you for it. Either comment below or drop me a mail, whichever's best. Cheers!

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