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Weird 90s N64 platformer Glover is getting a PC re-release

Cool, I guess

The freakishly anthropomorphised four-fingered glove is back, and it's not even Halloween! You'll be able to play as Glover in a brand new PC port coming to both Steam and GOG, and rather than restoring the old PC port that already exists, it's been "completely redone" using the original source code from the N64 version of the game.

Piko Interactive are the developers behind this release. Buying old games and rereleasing them seems to be most of Piko's wheelhouse, as they've bought a bunch of old IPs and stuck the games onto digital storefronts. Piko Interactive were, for example, behind the Steam releases of Super 3D Noah's Ark, First Samurai, and something called Bubble Ghost which sounds cuter than it probably is. Piko's previous releases typically also include the original file for the game, so hopefully Glover purists will also be satisfied by this version. And game preservation is always a good thing.

Cover image for YouTube videoGLOVER Remaster - Trailer

And although Piko Interactive says this port is "improved for modern PCs," the framerate slowdown in the trailer says otherwise. At least it's authentic to the N64 version. The game's currently slated to release on April the 20th this year, AKA 4/20. Which is funny, because it's the weed number, isn't it?

Glover plays exactly how it looks - like an old school 3D platformer. There are worlds to explore, collectibles to find, and tons of bonus stages and bosses to keep things interesting. But, ultimately, your main goal is to roll a ball to the end of each stage. And now you can do it in 4K resolution!

Glover recieved pretty favourable reviews when it initially came out on N64, so who knows, this might trigger a critical re-examination of Glover. My personal experience with it was that it wasn't very good. But with games like Yooka-Laylee existing, it's undeniable that there's an audience for this port. I'm personally crossing my fingers for a Glover video essay that'll open my mind in the future.

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