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We’ll see two hours of Overwatch 2 PvP next week

New maps, new powers, but no Jeff

Blizzard will be putting a bandage over Jeff Kaplan’s departure from Overwatch by showing off a heck of a lot of Overwatch 2 next week. In the first post-Jeff Overwatch talking head, new game director Aaron Keller made a brief announcement detailing the May 20th stream, which will focus on PvP.

The upcoming stream is going to cover the action and some new maps, which I’m very keen to see. I’ve played the current roster of maps so much that I’m starting to grow ever so slightly weary of them (apart from Ilios’s Lighthouse and Well maps, and Lijiang Tower’s Night Market and Garden maps, which are my favourite Lucio boop spots). I need new spots to boop, and more places to plant Symmetra's turrets.

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This will be the first in-depth look at the PvP since Blizzard’s virtual Blizzcon earlier in the year. I wasn’t really sold on the sequel until that event, but the stream made it clear they’re pushing the game in a direction I find appealing. Being a frontline brawler as a tank fits very much into my act-first-think-never approach to team games. Sorry everyone, I’m here to charrrrrge.

Watch on YouTube

I have spent far too many hours of my life PvPing in Overwatch (mostly as a Symmetra main, don’t @ me), so I’ll be pressing my face against my monitors desperately trying to absorb every pixel, hoping that one pixel comes loose and that I can sell it NFT-style. I’m rambling now, but I get that way when I get excited. I love Overwatch.

The event will be live on their Twitch channel at 8pm BST/3pm EDT on May 20th. Meet up in The Fox and Bear before, yeah?

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