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We’re not kidding: Goat Of Duty is a multiplayer goat deathmatch

Not baaaad

Where would we be without goats? For one, my girlfriend’s phone would have about 60GB of free space where all her goat GIFs are currently. I’d also be able to sleep through the night without hearing her phone bleating like a goat once an hour with ‘Goat Facts’. She loves goats. But more relevant to this website, we wouldn’t have this trailer below about Goat Of Duty, a goat-themed multiplayer shooter.

I'm in danger of the word 'goat' losing all meaning, but I'll persevere for you. Goat Of Duty is a goat-themed Quake-ish shooter. It has the jump pads, the rocket launchers, all that good cud to chew on. And it has goats. What do goats bring to this ancient and respected genre? Well, the game has over 250 bleats. Also goatnados, but I think that might just be a regular tornado that's stumbled upon some goats.

And there we are. I can't say I didn't lay it all out for you. I'd like to suggest that the game is known as CuD, rather than GoD. I am kind of into the whole faking death thing they have. Playing dead is an underrated game mechanic, and I really hope this one is a clever play on fainting goats. If not, it's an amazing coincidence that they managed to exactly mirror the way myotonic goats’ muscles freeze when startled. It's technically not a faint, you see... Oh wait, I learned that from Goat Facts!

If that floats your goat, it's accessible early on Steam

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