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What are we all playing this weekend?


This was the week that the heavens finally opened to deliver sweet relief from a muggy British summer. It was as if the skies wept for the departure of Matt Cox, who this week left RPS after three years. There's still time to say goodbye to him.

What are you playing this weekend? Here's what we're clicking on!


Alice Bee

I just noticed that nice woodland hermit simulator Among Trees got an update! Probably nothing huge, because the roadmap for summer includes the devs having a holiday, but it reminded me that I am overdue a trip to the peaceful, virtual forest.



I have yet to successfully solo Destiny 2's latest dungeon, Prophecy, let alone achieve my goal of a deathless solo run. But I have picked up the astonishingly powerful Taken Barrier armour mod since my last try, and I hope this will help me push past the part I stalled and grew bored on. The Hobgoblin snipers in that cube are... unreasonably gittish.



I am more curious about Marvel's Avengers than I probably should be. I know most people who have played it aren't that keen on pound shop Chris Evans and RDJ., so maybe I'll come back with similar opinions after I've played the beta, this weekend.



I have installed Parkasaurus, a dinosaur park management game that just left early access. It looks utterly adorable but I'm hoping it has some good design beneath the art style.



Cheeky bit of Dishonored: Death Of The Outsider for me this weekend. I kinda also fancy playing Alien: Isolation because I've been watching all the Alien films this week. Though knowing me, I'll meet the Alien once, throw my controller across the room and then turn the game off. I am a wuss.



I will most likely be Death Stranding again this weekend, but I do also want to try and give Total War: Troy a go, too. I've spent dozens of hours benchmarking Total War games over the years, but have never actually attempted to play one. Could Troy be the one to finally push me over the line?



I'm starting a big replay of the Fable series, as they're all on the Xbox One Game Pass thing. Haven't played 2 and 3 for a good five years, so looking forward to some guff-based shenanigans.



Reckon it might be a bit of Troy for me this weekend, as I still haven't managed to play as the sneaky sailor himself, Odysseus. Other than that, I'm back into Hearthstone experimentation in a major way, and then there's a big old strategy game coming out about cross monarchs being nasty to each other, which I'll be playing for review.



My family and I have discovered, years later than everyone else, the joys and horrors of Geoguessr. I never would have expected it to become the go-to activity that fills up all our free time, but here we are. Or are we? I'd better look around for a sign or something.



Alas, alack, and aloe, it is so hot that my PC has started giving up on 3D games altogether. Fortunately Post Void doesn't seem to count, so I will definitely be playing even more of that. Perhaps some more Tropico 2 as well. I am utterly bereft since finishing the magnificent Black Sails, and fear the new season of Greenleaf will not be enough. I will also be doing research into who I can bully and annoy all day now that Matt has escaped. It's fine. I'm fine. Go away.

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?

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