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Come say goodbye to Matt Cox, the youngest man who ever lived

Young and restless

Disband the RPS youth contingent. Its founder, Matt Cox, is now 24 years old, and therefore much too old to continue as its leader. This is his last day at RPS - come say goodbye.

Matt joined RPS a little under three years ago, and he's become part of the furniture since.

We hired him primarily so he could fill our pages with words about multiplayer games, and he's done that most directly with Playstyle Royale, his irregular diary series in which he plays battle royale games with his own made-up rules. For example, playing PUBG but only being allowed to use grenades.

Matt also became our go-to for multiplayer reviews, as per his recent take on Valorant. He's our man in love with cards, taking on Legends Of Runeterra and evangelising Monster Train at every opportunity.

He is also very funny, although like most actually funny people he doesn't insist upon telling you that. Just look at his live coverage of E3 last year, or his love of mushroom men, or how gleefully he leapt into the role of supervillain in our Space Engineers adventures.

His work has touched every part of the site. He took over our long-running Sunday Papers column with flair, wrote a supporter post every week (most of which were about philosophy - only visible to supporters, soz), and explored the future of AI.

We made fun of Matt when he joined for being so young, but only because we all felt so old. He has written since day one with skill and expertise, and the work linked above is just the whiskers of an impressive body of work.

Alas, Matt's body is now old and infirm, and he is retiring to warmer climates. If we can pull him back in for an occasional, freelance, one-last-mission, then we will.

For now, wish Matt well in the comments below.

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