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What are we all playing this weekend?


A combination of work trips to America and regular time offs means that there are actually only four of us here to fill in the WAP on the what we're playing this week. Given that it would make for a very short article for you, the reader, I have decided to fill in for the various absent members of the treehouse myself, in character, italicised for clarity. Anyone actually here and writing for themself is in regular text.

Alice Bee
Spurred on by the support in the comments, I have continued learning to be a good Shipbreaker, and I am getting better! I've just encountered pressurised chambers for the first time, and I do not like them. But I'm pretty good at removing reactors and fuel cels. Now if only they'd stop bothering me about the union...

[Some extraordinarily insightful thoughts about the sea and/or guns and/or scifi.]

Let's have another Resi 4 remake trailer, why not.Watch on YouTube

I've either been enjoying some proper meaty combat against a chonky bigboy in a soulslike, or I've gone back to exploring Kamurocho in Yakuza, with my best mate Kiryu (the absolute lad). If I have time I'm going to fire off a few rounds with my pals in an online shooter, while we discuss my latest badminton triumph rather than concentrating on the game.

I just got a Steam Deck this week, and it's given me an excuse to finally play Red Dead Redemption 2 for the first time. It always seemed far too big to tackle, but playing it in bed is brilliant. When I'm not robbing trains, I might also check out James' Resident Evil 4 Steam Deck guide so that I can shoot some zombs. Also in bed, of course.

I'm looking forward to playing the Resident Evil 4 remake without needing to keep one eye fixed on the FPS counter.

My efforts in a punishing strategy game continue apace - indeed, I may have finished it by this time next week. I've been playing a Nintendo game on Switch in the breaks between mouthfuls of food during my lunch, while watching a documentary about Hideo Kojima (subs not dubs), and have scheduled some free time around midnight to play an exceedingly complicated JRPG. Inbetween this I'm finishing an obscure puzzle game about bloomin' traffic regulations, which I will unexpectedly produce a review for in a team meeting next week.

Resident Evil 4 is almost literally the only thing I will talk about right now, although I will sometimes talk about how the next Inventory Space is either just started or nearly done [raucous giggling as I lean away from my mic].

The forest in Sons Of The Forest, with a mutant hanging out in a tree looking at the player
Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun / Newnight

I'm playing Sons Of The Forest with my hands and Apex Legends with my feet, and I'm winning at both of them.

I've been playing an absolutely gorgeous and incredibly cute and cuddly indie life sim game, with flowers and birds all over the place. The vibes are perfect. For balance I've also been playing an absolutely gorgeous and incredibly cute and cuddly indie puzzle game about death and bones. The vibes are perfect.

This week I have been predictably engrossed in Life Is Strange: Steph's Story by Rosiee Thor, which in turn is making me want to revisit Life Is Strange: True Colors. Hey, I could pick up the three achievements that are keeping me from having the entire LIS series 100%-ed! First though, I'm in the endgame of Danganronpa 2, and have finally developed a proper emotional investment in some of these new characters. But knowing this series I could still have 15 hours left of the main story alone, so we'll see how far I get over the weekend.

But you, reader dear, what are you playing this weekend?

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