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What Are We All Playing This Weekend?

ha ha we're all going to die

"You couldn't make it up," Richard Littlejohn would tell you. You definitely can, of course. However. This next bit is true: after John suspiciously reappeared for last week's WAYTWPWAPW?T at the same time as Adam and Alec mysteriously disappeared, now they're all gone. All of them. No one has told me anything about their video game plans for the weekend. It's just me, now. Just me and... are you still here?

Adam: [Dead?]
Alec: [Probably dead.]
Alice: Hoooo then okay, eyes forward, fingers down, type words and don't look back.

I ended up spending much of last weekend peering at plants (as RPS Supporters can see), so happily I can fall back on the old plan: finish Californium, play Superhot, start Firewatch, and dig back into Devil Daggers before my pals get even further ahead. All of which I will do in a manner which respects the intellect and bloodthirst of John Walker, and does not question or defy him in any way.

Graham: [I'm going to say dead.]
John: [I'm going to say he's the best person I've ever known. As if that'll help me!]
Philippa: [Almost certainly a goner.]

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing? More importantly, ARE YOU ALIVE?



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