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What Are We All Playing This Weekend?

Not just Doom!

I think I'm supposed to say something funny, interesting, or otherwise pithy in this few lines, but this is perhaps the only place I can sneak this onto RPS: I shall miss The Toast. Anyway. What are you playing this weekend? Here's what we have lined up:

Adam: The weekend is for DOOM. I think it might be just what I needed after a few weeks of strategising and squinting at maps. Favourite things so far:

1) That demonic invasions are a regular occurrence in the Doomiverse, to the extent that a pre-recorded message was blaring out: "Demonic presence at unsafe levels" in the second level when I was playing last night. A little bit of demonic presence is tolerated. Expected, even.

2) Beating possessed workers to death with their own arms.

3) I really like the map and hunting for secrets. And, yes, that means I've managed to slip straight from strategic maps to Doom maps. It's fine. I'm happy.

Alec: I am playing Kill All The Ambulatory Poos On Mars Really Really Quickly, or 'DOOM' as I believe some people call it. We didn't get advance review code because this is the videogames industry, so I'm frantically racing through as much as I can as quickly as I can, in order to inform you, gentle reader, as to whether this latest rethunk of the grandaddy of first-person shooters has pulled it off not. So far, it is deliriously propulsive, which only makes the fact that it's aesthetically quite boring all the more disappointing.
Alice: Doom! Over the world! And downloading to my hard drive at this very moment. Though I'll have to find time for it between the pre-Eurovision drinking, the Eurovision Song Contest Grand Final, and the post-Eurovision hangover. Life's a game of priorities, and that is the true game I shall be playing this weekend.
Graham: This weekend I'm determined to play a videogame, and I'm determined that videogame will finally be Concrete Jungle. I've mentioned it in previous WAPWATHTHA blurbs but those were all lies, whereas this is finally the weekend where I play the citybuilding deckbuilding puzzle game.
John: I shall be playing [unreleased game title B74] this weekend, because it's haa-uuuge and I'm never going to get the review finished in time otherwise. That's exciting for you to read, isn't it? I might also read a book I won't tell you the name of, and perhaps eat a dinner made of foodstuffs I'm not yet prepared to reveal. Gosh, I bet you're glad you got all the way through this paragraph. And blimey, this photo's old. I haven't had that cap in years. Say hi to your family from me.
Philippa: I am playing "what time zone is it" as I cover the semi finals and finals of MSI 2016 in Shanghai. Along with the LoL matches I am also exploring the bits of China closest to where I'm staying (so far I've found a long street which I'm going to try walking along in the other direction next time because this morning's trip ended in a dead end).

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?

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