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What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Well, punk?

Come on dear, come tell your Auntie Alice what you've been up to. Oh I know, Auntie Alice is a hunched old maid and her hands are withered like bark, but don't mind the leaves in her hair. Don't. Don't mind them. Don't mind. Don't even... pretend they're not there. It's fine. Come on, scooch up and tell me: what are you playing this weekend? Failing that, write your response on a leaf and gently blow it to the wind; I'll find it.

This weekend I'll be playing the game of 'figure out if I could practically stay in a cabin in the woods over Christmas with a bicycle, books, and whiskey'.

Then I might launch into Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes if I figure out how well it'll run on this ageing lump of metal. Maybe more Joylancer as I'd really like to be less awful at it. I keep meaning to revive Alice's Evening Walk - as I keep saying - but am not sure where to head next in our grand tour of walking simulators. Digging back into the load I have installed would help, and it'd be nice to revisit some anyway.

I'm also continuing my explorations into French music. I really, really do not get on well with French pop. It is so very twee. I feel I've spent too many hours listening to people sing in breathy voices, so now I'm on Charlie Foxtrot (though they're Québécois).

Oh, but who wants to hear about Auntie Alice's problems. Come on dear, tell me all about you.

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