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What Are You Playing This Weekend?


Regular readers of RPS will be well aware that around these parts, we like a spot of Warhammer. Regular readers will also be aware that the last month has been a rather splendid time for such things. Earlier this week Vermintide was announced and Regicide was revealed, whilst in far-off January Total Waaaarghammer was confirmed and Battlefleet Gothic - Armada made its presence felt. Warhammer Quest crawled onto PC that same month, and towards the end of last year we got Warhammer 40,000: Armageddon too.

Good times for Games Workshop fans, eh? Especially those of us who stopped collecting and painting miniatures when we realised how much more affordable computer gaming was as a hobby. True story: Command & Conquer was the moment the penny dropped for me.

(I'm totally holding out for video game versions of Man O' War and Necromunda. At this point it feels almost inevitable that we'll see one or t'other.)

Anyway! I'm not here to flog Games Workshop games to anyone. I'm here to ask what you're playing this weekend! For me, it's going to be along the Warhammer theme. Since I've rinsed the Dawn of War series drier than a Necron's adrenal gland, I reckon it's time for me to revisit Blood Bowl. The Legendary Edition, to be precise, since that's the last I bought before getting fed up of Cyanide's faintly ridiculous approach to selling Blood Bowl games. The last time I sat down with Murder Rugby I played a Dwarf team, so this time I'm going Wood Elf for a completely different playstyle. It's nice to change things up, yes?

So, folks: what're you playing?

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