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What Are We All Playing This Weekend?


Wotcha, me old cock sparrows. I'm back from my holiday and whatever it is Alec claimed I was up to. Oh. He is a scamp, isn't he. Well then! Back to the usual business: what are you playing this weekend? Here in the RPS treehouse, we're mostly clicking on Devil Daggers, Deus Ex, and No Man's Sky.

Adam: [Given that we sent Adam to Germany this week for Gamescom, I'm guessing/hoping he's chillaxing to the max. He is excused from submitting a WAWAWPAPWPTW? this weekend. Rest up, champ!]
Alec: I plan to spend the majority of the weekend trying to hack into Graham's Steam account in order that I can play Deus Ex early. Failing that, I will arrange to have swords implanted into my elbows, catch a ferry to Jersey and then visit Graham's house. If he's not, I'll sit on his sofa, drink his Irn Bru and play that Deus Ex Go thing on my phone until he gets back.
Alice: Since the RPS Summer Games I've gotten back into Devil Daggers hard. I'm now a little ashamed of my gold medal-winning performance and have since managed a new best time that's over forty seconds higher. Forty seconds is a looong time in Devil Daggers but I'm still thirteen seconds behind my highest-scoring pal. To prove I'm still young and vibrant, I must topple the frightful youngster.
Brendan: I'll be wandering around in Enderal, that giant new Skyrim mod. I've played the first hour or so and it is very dark. It only takes about 5 minutes before someone is eating a corpse and screaming at you: "GIVE ME A NICE CRISP PIECE OF MEAT." Also, I want to briefly revisit Deus Ex: Human Revolution in preparation for the new one. I don't like Cyber-Adam, I think he's as dull as a bag of dish cloths. But everyone keeps telling me I am a fool for that, so I am going back to see if I was Wrong All Along.
Graham: My review of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is done, but I'm not done with the game. I want to try missions and side missions in new ways, attempt to succeed in conversations I previously failed, and perhaps be more trigger-happy than my previous sneaky-sneaky, sleepy-sleepy approach to combat. I'll be interested to see how much the game really changes as a result.
John: Right, well, I should be spending the weekend playing Grow Up to review it, but I think the chances are far more likely that any spare moments will be spent with NMS, for reasons I'm still not sure I can fully justify. I mean, the game isn't deep enough to justify my wanting to return to it in all my spare moments, and there's not even close to enough immediate tasks to complete to make this time worthwhile. And yet here I am, on my day off, playing NMS instead of working on Secret Projects like I'm supposed to be.
Philippa: This weekend I will be playing the game of packing a small rucksack comprehensively for a trip that includes time running around with small children, a summer wedding and a trip to a disused power station. It's fine to wear wedding shoes to a power station, right?

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?

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