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What are we all playing this weekend?


Back once again with the ill behaviour, yeah? Ooh it's been a strange week, with half of Team RPS still on holiday (we've swiped their chairs to put our feet up) and video games still warming up. I'm sure next week will all be burning donuts on our gamehogs but for now: what are you playing this weekend? Here's what's we're clicking on.

Adam: I want to spend some time with horde-thwarting RTS game They Are Billions, but I'm probably going to end up playing Plunkbat because I've barely touched the new map and I'm still childishly excited about the replay recordings.
Alec: I'm taking the wee one to see her auntie in That London this weekend, so games will be limited to pretending to be a cat for eight straight hours. Once night has fallen, I reckon I might treat myself to the jaundiced glow of a Kentucky Route Zero replay, in the hope it can act as an incantation to summon Act V.
Alice: I want to get good at Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance - actually good, not just 'able to finish the game' good enough. I'm studying, I'm practising, and I will do these cool murders real well. Elsewhere in Metalgearia, I'm revisiting The Phantom Pain to polish off side-missions and just plain lark about. I don't tend to 100% games whose campaigns I've already finished but I am happy to sneak around and play with the high-end sillytech.
Brendan: The singing fists of Tekken 7 call me ever closer, entreating me to embrace my destiny as a washed-up cage fighter. But I'm also going back into GTAV for some crime-doing with some friends. The part I look forward to most is the post-heist merriment, during which we all get matching tattoos.
Graham: [Fired. Happy new year! -ed.]
John: [Fired -ed.]
Katharine:I'll be delving further into the time-travelling horror show that is Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma this weekend. It's a lot more gruesome than its predecessors, as each puzzle room I've done so far has often ended with a horrible life or death decision. To date, I've seen characters die from chainsawing each other in half, suffocating from carbon monoxide poisoning, chopping off their own head and I've even watched whole groups of them get dissolved in an acid shower. Hooray! I haven't been put off yet, though, as I really, really want to find out what happens at the end - even if it means never looking at my shower quite the same way again.
Matt: [Fired -ed.]

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?

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