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What Are We All Playing This Weekend?


I'm telling you, I wrote an excellent intro for this in a dream last night. I remember being jolly pleased and thinking "I must remember this for when I wake up." Then I woke up and poof, gone. However, given the quirks of dreamlogic and the fact that I had been reading about Inside's skullmusic before bed, there is a non-zero chance that the intro was e.g. SKULLS SKULLS SKULLS SKULLS. Let's crack on.

Tell me: what are you playing this weekend? Here's what we're clicking on.

Adam: I'll be settling down for a weekend of Civilization VI. You should all spend your time playing Civilization VI as well. It's really good!
Alec: [Alec has submitted neither a weekend activities report nor a sick note from his mum to the Weekend Oversight Committee, and as such has been fired. Clear out your desk by 5pm Sunday, Meer, or we're selling it all to your fans on eBay.]
Alice: I'm expanding my core range of Acceptable Games - temporarily, at least - from Deadly Premonition and Devil Daggers to include Thumper too (we're really being dickish with unreleased games this weekend, huh?). I'm also still tapping at Smash+Grab, which... I think I like it well enough? I need to play with organised, competent players more. Maybe I simply want a game where I get to do futurecrimes then dress up a silly futurecriminal, and this covers that. Its futurecriminals are awfully silly.
Brendan: In the event that I escape the digital alleyways of Hackmud, which I continue to stalk looking for both respite and potential victims to scam, I might pop into Hitman and murder as many Coloradans as possible. That's just the sort of me. Other than that I've been meaning to try Smash + Grab for some looting, and Event[0] for some pleasant chat with an AI who I'm sure will turn out to be quite nice. Mostly, I need to take a break from writing code and programming things. Hopefully, no more games will turn up like tha -- oh, Shenzhen I/O, hi.
Graham: I'm hoping to be playing a new 4X strategy game this weekend; which one, I don't yet know. I'm hoping because the alternative is that I collapse back into FIFA 17, which I don't like very much but which is familiar and comforting and embraces me like quicksand. Warm and suffocating.
John: My entire weekend is likely to be Mafia III, so we can get you a review for Monday. No review code was sent out ahead of release, which proved to be a bad sign with Mafia II when the same happened. I'm hopeful they just forgot this time around.
Philippa: This weekend I will be playing board games. Specifically Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower. I've never Warhammered before in my life in any form but have absorbed a lot of the names and races just because Warhammer is this continuing presence alongside and inspiring/interlinked with digital gaming. The Age of Sigmar stuff sounds interesting, plus I've watched my partner paint all these tiny models over a period of months until we now have a shelf of these gorgeously detailed grotesque plastic friends. Also it means I get to eat a lot of nachos.

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?

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