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Escape From Monkey Island is rubber, DRM is glue

55% series discount too

Nobody of even 10% sound mind would argue that Escape From Monkey Island, the fourth in Lucasarts' gaggle of madcap, piratical use x on y 90s/00s adventures, is the highlight of the series. Some people of at least partially sound mind, including our John, might argue that it's not the worst either. In any case, the collector urge is a powerful one - Escape has for some time been exclusively available via GOG, but perhaps the news that it has all of a sudden gone DRM-free will sway the minds of the Steam-or-bust crowd. And perhaps the news that the entire Lucas-Monkey family is currently discounted by over 50% will lure in those seeking a bath of calm nostalgia after the sound and fury and E3.

I'm not sure I'd actually want to revisit MI4, but I do feel a powerful urge to own it, in that troublesome need to revisit one's childhood that seems to affect so many near-40s nerks such as myself. Monkey Island's first 3D game lacked the gonzo spark of the first two, and most would argue even the charm of the less popular third, and it's fair to say that its proto-3D graphics have aged a whole lot worse than have its 2D predecessors. But it's got a few decent bits, it's fair to say.

GOG's been the only place to buy it for a while now, but they've just announced that they've finally sent its DRM the way of [once-popular, now pariah Hollywood pirate actor]'s career, which at least means you can play it on any PC, anywhere with zero fiddle.

Gander at Escape's GOG page and you'll be offered all four Lucas Monkeys for 41% off (that's £15 in UK monies - I haven't figured out how to see US or Eurobucks, but if someone lets me know below, I'll update), but jump straight to this page and you'll find a sale that cuts the whole shebang by 55% if you grab 'em in the next six days. That's £11.66, or £2.91 per game. It includes the fancied-up special editions of Monkey Islands 1&2 for what it's worth.

Honestly? I'm not sure I'd dare replay any of them now. But I sure do want to have them preserved on a hard drive, just in case. I am old.

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