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Why Games Are Important by Quintin age 7¼


Uncle Kerion says I am NEVER TOO YOUNG to help with his work! I want to help uncle Kerion with work because I don't like it when it is difficult to sleep because he is downstairs and being very loud and saying rude words about the TAX MAN, so I have written a story that he can put in his WORLD WIDE WEB SITE that will mean he has more money.

My name is Quintin Smith and I am 7 and a quarter years old and I think computer games are very important.

I think computer games are important because they have places which are not like where we live. For example I have the computer game 7TH GUEST and it is a scary game with ghosts, but I don't think there are ghosts in real life. But I like ghosts, so I think it is sad that there are no ghosts and I think that it is nice that a computer game can show us what it would be like if there were ghosts. But I do not like the puzzles in 7TH GUEST because they are bad.

There are also the DIZZY games which I have three of. I have DIZZY: PRINCE OF THE YOLKFOLK and CRYSTAL KINGDOM DIZZY and SPELLBOUND DIZZY but I don't like SPELLBOUND DIZZY because it has bees in. The DIZZY games are important because you can explore forests and castles and they are full of things like animals and people with problems but I went to a forest once with my dad and it was BORING and didn't have anything in it not even a squirrel.

There is also the game JAMES POND 2: CODENAME ROBOCOD which I have and in it you can run around a castle and everything is made of Penguin bars but I don't know why.

if everything was made of penguin bars that would be bad because your bed would be sticky when you tried to sleep in it

Please wait because I have to go and get a glass of fizzy orange.

I'm back! That's better.

I think computer games are important because you can choose your powers. A game doesn't care who you are in real life. For example if you are 8 years old you can be really strong in a game and if you are not very clever then you can be really smart and it doesn't matter! In a game you can do anything.

I think computer games are important because they are fun. When I am playing MONKEY ISLAND and SIM CITY I am having fun and I don't care about anything else. I like being happy. Uncle Kerion says that means I am clever, but don't understand why.

I think computer games are important because when I am playing them I don't think about school or my sister or anything, and I like that. I once told uncle Kerion that if he was sad about the tax man maybe he should play MASTER OF ORION with me because it would make him not think about anything. Then I had a good idea that we could send the tax man our MASTER OF ORION because then he would stop thinking about being mean to uncle Kerion and that would be okay because I don't know how to play it anyway.

i think this game is definitely toooooo hard

I think computer games are important because when I think about a world where there are no games I get sad and when I grow up I just want to play games ALL DAY!

Thank you for reading! I hope you give lots of money to uncle Kerion lots and lots of £££££££££££


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