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Why, Say Hello To Our New News Editor, Alice O'Connor

Team Horace Grows

The RPS family has grown once again! Please, people of our internet, it's time to welcome and hello at our brand new News Editor, Alice O'Connor.

You may well know Alice from her fine works over the last few years at the esteemed Shacknews. But, as with all great writers of the internet, it is impossible to not eventually abandon all sense and start working at Castle Shotgun. It's just inevitable. Soon we will rule over all.

Alice is here to bring our news into a shipper shape, as she joins Graham Smith in Team Try To Organise These Idiots. We wish her the best with that.

Alice joins a team of some of the finest writers in the business, alongside Adam Smith, Nathan Grayson, former PC Gamer editor Graham Smith, and RPS founders Alec Meer, Jim Rossignol and John Walker, as well as the best freelancers to be found. RPS is STRONG! And all the stronger for the addition of Alice. Wish her the best!

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