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Wide Ocean Big Jacket devs launch their beautifully minimalist farming sim

Before The Green Moon is out now

Just last week, Alice0 wrote about Before The Green Moon, an endearing hybrid between slice-of-life adventure and farming sim that’s set at the base of a space elevator. It was cute and intriguing, and best of all it was coming from Turnfollow, the devs behind Little Party and Wide Ocean Big Jacket - two small, but awesome, story-centric indies. A mere week after being announced Before The Green Moon snuck past us and launched into full release. Just yesterday, in fact.

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Turnfollow describe the game as a relaxing farming sim where you spend your days talking to your neighbours, exploring your small community, and preparing for your trip to the titular green moon. The game takes place over multiple seasons, implying it’ll last longer than Turnfollow’s previous games, which were a finish-in-one-sitting length. Regardless, I'd be happy with another short and sweet trip.

Green Moon’s small town vibes and simple farming seem right up my alley, but I’m also in love with its art style. Blocky character models and low-detail grainy textures are reminiscent of the 90s. Mix in a slightly solemn soundtrack and I’m suddenly nostalgic for a time I can’t even describe. Some top-down shots look a little claymation-y, too. Just good vibes all around.

Little Party made it into the 2015’s RPS Time Capsule, so I’m sure the Treehouse are excited to get their hands on Before The Green Moon. It’s available now on Steam and for £10/€11/$12.

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