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Win $1000 Of Steam Cash! $200 For Every Day This Week

Help For The Steam Sale

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Has the Steam Summer sale cleaned you out? Are there still games that you're itching to purchase while they're cheap? Or perhaps there's a game that remains stubbornly at full price but to which you've pinned your dreams. In any case, an extra $200 in your Steam wallet probably wouldn't go amiss. That's what we're giving away each day this week in partnership with Bundle Stars.

It's enough to pre-order yourself a Steam Controller, Link box, and still have change for games. The money is provided by Bundle Stars, an online store currently offering the All Stars 2 Bundle. It contains nine Steam games for £2.39 including Stalker: Shadow of Chernobyl and Mount & Blade.

How to enter:

There's a widget below with an array of methods for entering the competition; you can use one or more, depending on how many chances to win you'd like. You gain 2 entries for visiting the RPS Facebook group, 2 entries for signing up to the Bundle Stars email, 2 entries for joining the Bundle Stars Steam group, 2 entries for following @rockpapershot on Twitter and 1 entry for tweeting about the giveaway. You can also gain additional entries for referring friends to enter the giveaway through Facebook and Twitter sharing.

Your entries are good for every day of the competition - so enter one way on Monday, and another on Tuesday, and both of those entries will still have a chance of being drawn as winners come Friday.

Following a Twitter account or Steam group requires accounts for each of those services, though visiting the Facebook pages does not.

How the winners are selected:

Winners are selected randomly from all entries each day at 4pm BST. Winners will be contacted with their prize as soon as possible after the draw, and we'll update this post each day with news of who won.

The competition will end this Saturday 20th June when the last winner is chosen.

Enter here:

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