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WIN: The Political Machine 2008, Plus Loot

Read onwards for details on how to win including copies of American disaster presidential election simulator The Political Machine 2008 and another noise-buffing Creative SoundBlaster X-Fi Platinum – Fatal1ty Champion Edition soundcard. Alec wrote about the game just here.

And yes, it's another UK-only competition, I'm afraid. (Don't blame us! Blame the boring old US companies who don't seem to love our 120,000-strong US readership! Yeah. American companies: send us compo prizes!)

Clickwards for details on how to enter. We've also got the details of the Geo-Political Simulator compo winners below. Yes.

These are the prizes you face:

1st Prize!
Creative SoundBlaster X-Fi Platinum – Fatal1ty Champion, and a copy of the game.

2nd Prize!
Creative Fatal1ty Gaming Headset and the game.

3rd Prize!
A copy of The Political Machine game. It sure is a fun time!

To win you must send an email to this address. In it you must include your UK mailing address (just in case you win) and your answer to the following question:

Let's say the Americans were smart and abandoned that democracy nonsense for a good old fashioned monarchy: Who should be the King of America and why?

Answers by the 21st of October please!

OMG Winners! Of this compo, you stupids.

Diane Halliwell, Morecambe

Ben Richardson, Oxford

Steven Garratt, Manchester

Congratulations, folks.

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