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Land Ho! Windward Comes To Port On May 12


Windward [official site] (also known Sid Meiers Pirates: The Shippening, also known as You Sunk My Pirate Ship) tells a simple story of a man, his ship, and their attempt to systematically destroy everybody else within walking distance of the beach. Now after three years in development, the isometric ship-em-up, which is being developed by indie outfit ArenMook, is at long last getting an official release on May 12th.

Finally, a game that lets me use the term "ramming damage" in the correct context so I can bellow it loudly at enemies and passersby and follow it by a cheeky wink.

RPS afficionados might remember we played the game in alpha back in 2012, setting sail with our old faithful Titanic 2 in a fearsome battle against the ocean's greatest foe: Fartzilla. These procedurally-generated oceans have come along since then, with ArenMook promising a fully modifiable map that changes as you establish new digs and raid towns. You can also go the peaceful route and focus instead on diplomacy, if like me you have a deep interest in role-playing as Canadian bureaucrats.

Here's an introduction to how Windward works from the developers:

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