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UI hell puzzler ШП adds English translation

Oh god help

Last week when I played ШП, a collection of puzzles game with intentionally baffling interfaces, I wondered if me not speaking its native tongue of Russian was even a problem. Nonsense you can't read is the same as nonsense you can, right? Well, developer Xitilon has since added an English translation and... oh god, yep, this is still mighty confusing. But now I do have some vague hope of correctly navigating this UI hell of buttons, menus, sliders, boxes, pop-ups, progress bars, tabs, calendars, and cryptic clues.

ШП is a series of puzzle games built from standard Windows UI elements which make absolutely no damn sense. It's the least user-friendly interface I've ever seen, and this is quite intentional. Several Russian-reading commenters pointed out that the original text was gibberish even to them and yep, this continues in the new English translation. Even the helpful tips need deciphering.

I am delighted by this. I have little clue what I'm doing but I am getting closer. I can't show you the solution but here, look, more mashing on one puzzle - this time in English:

That's just me noodling to show some of the weirdness, mind. I assure you that my actual puzzle-solving technique is far more considered. Yuh huh for real.

ШП is £0.79/€0.99/$0.99 on Steam. I see another puzzle is out now as paid DLC, containing so many sliders and input boxes. Maybe after I beat one of the original puzzles...

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