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World Of Warcraft Classic will soon offer free transfers to quieter realms

Moving day

It's with great shame that I admit I've fallen down a bit of a World Of Warcraft Classic hole. It's a massive pain in the arse, though - even at the best of times, it's rubbish to be fighting fellow adventurers for the last handful of XP in each clearing, sharing murderous glares as we race to get the first stab in on a gnoll. It was probably bad enough when 2-hour-long login queues turned into actual in-game queues to take down boss monsters in a timely, British manner.

Enough's enough, say Blizzard. It's time to give these crammed adventurers a one-way trip to quieter worlds.

Despite bolstering Warcraft Classic's server lineup, the sheer scale of the problem has forced the company's hand once again. To help stem the tide, Blizzard plan to add five more realms to the server roster. Importantly, players sitting on some of World Of Warcraft's more crowded realms will soon find themselves eligible for a free transfer to less populated servers.

The server list will soon include American realms Heartseeker, Earthfury and Arcanite Reaper, while us Europeans can jump into Dragonfang and Earthshaker. On their first day going live, these new hotspots will be restricted to players hopping over from packed servers. After 24 hours, the floodgates open.

Full lists of who's eligible for relocation in each region can be found on the US and EU forum announcements respectively.

You'll need to make sure you've got no post in your mailbox, have no active auctions running and aren't a guild-master before transferring a character. You might even need to give your character a new name once you arrive.

It's worth noting this is a one-way trip - there's no going back if you find you're not a fan of the new neighbourhood, short of cutting your losses and rolling a new character.

Blizzard have yet to set a date for when new servers go live and free relocations open up. Stay tuned.

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