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Hell's Bells! World Of Warcraft: Legion Launches

The stylish return of chaosfire green

Demons? Again? Already? I swear, it's not even a decade since neon green last swept The World of World of Warcraft. Fashion moves at such a pace there! No wonder everyone's always grinding for new pauldrons: they're trying to keep up in a world of violent fashionistas. Anyway, point is: World of Warcraft: Legion [official site], the sixth expansion to Blizzard's fantasy MMORPG, is now live. Try pairing a dark top with chaosfire-green leggings and, in honour of the expansion's new Demon Hunter class, finish the look off with a ratty blindfold. There! Ooh you'll be the talk of the Broken Isles.

Here's the setup: that dastardly Burning Legion is back again, flooding into The World of World of Warcraft. Once again The World of World of Warcraft is thrown into war, and already alliances have been forged and torn and a few major characters have snuffed it. Here, this trailer hints at some of that:

Cover image for YouTube video

But what's new-new to Legion? It introduces a new continent, the Broken Isles, where all this demonic naughtiness is focused. This expansion's new class is the Demon Hunter, the pals of Illidan Stormrage, who have neat unique movement abilities like gliding and can transform into hellbeasts - do read Cobbo's old preview for more on that mob. Other new things include a level cap of 110, Artifact Weapons which grow in power and can change their look and abilities, special Class Halls for classes to hang out together, and of course new quests, dungeons, raids, and all that.

Check Legion's site for more info on shiny newness.

World of Warcraft: Legion is £34.99/$49.99 on Battle.net but is also available in some sort of coffin called a 'box'. Naturally you'll also need the base game if you don't already have it, which now includes all previous expansions for only £9.99.

I'm told we'll have a World of Warcrafter in to tell y'all about Legion at some point.

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