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World Of Warcraft Player Reaches 90 Without Picking A Side


In case you'd forgotten, MMO players are crazy. I know: I used to be one. This, though, is a whole new level of dedication to a mind-numbingly repetitive task. A World of Warcraft player named "Doubleagent" (get it?) rolled a Pandaren character and never left the neutral starting zone. Somehow, though, they found a way to hit WoW's current level cap of 90. And by somehow, I mean they picked a lot of herbs and mined Azeroth hollow. This is not a task congruent with keeping one's sanity, but when somebody voluntarily sets out to do this, it makes you wonder if they were ever truly sane to begin with.

Now, quests got the character up to around level ten or so, but after that experience from enemies dried up, and herbs/ore were the only teets Doubleagent could reliably suckle precious, precious XP from.

In actuality, Doubleagent didn't find the process quite as boring as you might think. Despite the fact that it took 173.5 days' worth of playtime (dating all the way back to 2012), they found the process rather soothing:

"At times I can find it relaxing, a change from the normal. Plus it's pretty easy to do when I have TV shows or movies that I need to catch up on, moreso than trying to do that during a battleground or raid."

Which... actually makes a lot of sense. I mean, why not? To each their own, and say what you will but this sort of thing takes tremendous dedication.

Plus, now when somebody asks the age old question - Alliance or Horde - there's a fully viable third option to bellow (because the only time anybody asks that anymore is at BlizzCon): NEITHER.

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