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World Of Warcraft's Stormwind gets remade brick-by-brick in Unreal Engine

WoW Patch 3.9 billion

In a thousand years, when all the oceans have boiled away, when the continents have re-merged to form a single Pangea, this is how I imagine World Of Warcraft will look.

YouTube user Daniel L. has released a mighty fly-over video of the streets of Alliance metropolis Stormwind, fully remade in Unreal Engine 4. It's just over five minutes long, opening over the Valley of Heroes before hitting all the Stormwind hot spots - Weller's Arsenal in the Trade District, the Magic Quarters which overlook the city below, a passage in Old Town leading down toward The Five Deady Venoms. The result looks like a World Of Warcraft of the year 3000, where Blizzard have patched out its cartoon aesthetic and replaced it with its closest Unreal approximation of medieval Edinburgh.

Daniel L. has been working on a few of these re-creations over the past couple of years. You may have already seen his take on Duskwood in Unreal 4 which turns the dark and contested goth-zone into something that wouldn't look out of place in an Elder Scrolls game.

His Stormwind creation, the making of which you can see for yourself in the video down below, uses assets and textures from the Unreal Engine Marketplace that he's placed down piece by piece - in some cases, digi-brick by digi-brick.

Blizzard has been dealing in the marketplace of nostalgia for the last few weeks with the release of WoW Classic, taking us back to 2006's Drums Of War update. But even in Unreal, I can't help but feel a little sentimental staring into those Unreal marble eyes of the Alleria Windrunner statue. As if they say: "Join me, back in the safe bosom of 2006, when the greatest worry of our age was whether we were in aggro range of Hogger."

Check out all of Daniel L's World Of Warcraft recreations on his YouTube channel.

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