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Worlds Adrift Showcases Cannon Fire Gameplay


Bossa Studios have released a short sample of gameplay footage for their multiplayer work-in-progress, Worlds Adrift [official site].

The idea behind Worlds Adrift is that you're an explorer roaming from island to island in your rag bag of an airship, looking for ways to upgrade it and keep it fueled as you wander round the skies. According to Bossa:

"We hope Worlds Adrift will be a return of sorts to the roots of online multiplayer games. We want it to be a freeform exploration and adventure game where players create their own objectives, because we believe those are consistently the most rewarding and empowering goals to attain"

Watch on YouTube

If you watched the announcement video where the Surgeon Simulator developers were soliciting feedback about the core ideas you'll know the basics – airship building and a grappling hook traversal system.

This latest video shows a more fleshed-out version of each, as well as adding cannon fire. Watching the grappling hook sections there's a bit of an A Story About My Uncle feel to it – the traversal was that game's strongest feature.

Reading up on the game, there's a slightly older blog post by senior game developer, Rodrigo Braz Monteiro, where he has interesting bits and bobs to say about how the ships and the physics of the game works. I really like that they're fudging the physics a bit so you end up with slightly wonky handmade-ish ships that you can still fly without too much difficulty.

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