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WorldShift Demo Runs Free On Internet

We haven't mentioned WorldShift before because its developers foolishly refused to pay the enormous tithes we demand before we write about anyone. Black Sea Studios have seen the wisdom in submission, and crawled before our great obsidian throne to deliver precious jewels, trinkets rare metals and spices most pungent, chanting our Hosannas in our name. Which is just in time, as they've released a demo of this forthcoming cyberfantastical RTS, and now we can link to it. Phew.

We'll perhaps link to some videos beneath the cut. Our magnanimity is boundless.

This is the single player video, which features the game's actually neat art design, some really beguiling pop-up messages ("3000 objects?") and an oddly laid back narrator.

This is the co-op game. Yes, it's one of those new-fangled co-op RTS we've been hearing so much about from (ooh) Edge magazine, probably. They're first with all the hot new ideas, that Edge.

The Game modes trailer shows of some modes of gaming with the WorldShift videogaming product. This video is especially charming because it starts with a note that it's pre-Beta code and apologises for the cursor bug, before going on displaying its RPG-as-applied-to-RTS ideas. Strikes me as a cross between Warcraft 3 and Age of Empires 3, basically.

Finally, here's some deathmatch footage. I'm not sure the word deathmatch should be used in an RTS. That may just be me.

And, that's enough. Jim - kindly pass the Frankincense. I wish to get enormously high on our ill-gotten bounty.

Er... demo's here. About a CD-full-worth-of-Peggles to download.

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