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Wot We Made

Some bitpunks actually did their homework this time. Well done, you. Here’s a wee round-up of some of the stuff that has either been left in the comments so far or sent to me inside the carcass of a chicken, wrapped in safety pins. You’re so punk, you lot.

Michael Cook sent a couple things in. “The Maltyped Falcon is a typing-test-style game about a noir detective,” said Michael, stubbing a cigarette out in my eye. “It's short, it doesn't really work.” He then revealed another. “Pro Invigilator 2012 is a game inspired by invigilating exams. You have to walk around desks of students, and break up any would-be cheaters. I have tried to make this as faithful a simulator as possible. It is boring as all fuck.”

Meanwhile, Everything is Jake! is a clicky game in which a cartoon manifestation of the 1950s (or is the 1940s?) delivers a nostalgic monologue and promptly falls into the sky to Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata. Our old friend JackShandy (real name Jack McNamee) is behind this tittersome madness, along with Matt Rundle. “It’s broken and weird,” said Jack, who then promptly fell into the sky.

Last but not least, the ENTIRE WORLD has been busy making games for the Pirate Kart V, which stands at a bonkers 826 games at the time of writing (a scary percentage of which are Passage parodies). If Adam decides to go digging for gold again, he will surely die. For this has gone far beyond pan-handling.

If you have made anything fun and punky since this series started send it to me here: brendy[snot]caldwell[at]gmail[snot]com. Otherwise, MAKE A GAME.

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