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WoW Goes Trolling

Poor old Trolls - Azeroth hasn't treated them too kindly over the years. They've either been comedy Jamaicans or murderous sword-fodder, so often denied the prestige and glory of Warcraft's major races. And don't even get me started on the raw deal the gnomes get... Anyway, the Trolls are getting their day in the sun for the latest WoW patch, 4.1, which sees the angrier arms of the family uniting and deciding to raise merry hell for everyone else. Essentially, it means a fun/bloody time for level 85 players, and it looks a little something like this. Warning: includes boulders. I say that in case anyone reading has a phobia of boulders. We're a kinder, more considerate RPS these days.

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Oh, silly troll-lords. Don't you know you're only going to get stabbed in the face by loot-hungry gamers? This revolution won't end well, you mark my words.

This whole troll-themed uprising primarily comprises two 'classic' WoW raids converted into 5-person dungeons for high-levellers, plus the usual slew of balance tweaks. Also in there is a new incentive system to drag least-represented classes into dungeon runs.

Full details on everything involved here, and the patch lands today.

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