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Smash up a Thanksgiving dinner in Wreck the Party!


Thanksgiving, as I understand it, is a time for family to come together. American sitcoms have taught me that everyone gathers round a roast pigskin to watch balloons, throw an egg, watch MST3K, and argue until it's time to hit the shops and punch an octogenarian in the face so you can swipe a Two and a Half Men box set out their hands. Wreck the Party! [Itch page] simulates the dinner part. Serve the turkey by flinging it across the table, breaking things and upsetting guests. It is smashing.

There you stand, at the head of the table, ready to serve the turkey. But wait! Why carve it when you could fling it with dangerous force, smashing crockery, breaking windows, starting fires, crushing pies, and knocking funerary urns off mantlepieces? If you're serving anything this Thanksgiving, ask yourself that question. You could live that dream today, old chum.

Back in the game, ruining everything wins you big points. Wreck the Party! has pleasing voxelicious destruction and physics simulation, with wigs popping off and glasses smashing into tiny pieces. I like ruining the dinner. It's fun when you break things and people shield their faces and everything breaks and people are upset and the things are broken. That must be why it's such a popular American tradition.

Wreck the Party! is pay-what-you-want on Itch for Windows and Mac. Creator Dana Nelson plans to expand the game too, perhaps ruining more holidays.

I would not recommend inviting me to a party.

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