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MDickie's Wrestling Revolution 3D powerbombs PC

Slam your body down and wind it all around

Noted wrestlemaniac Mat 'MDickie' Dickie has returned to PC after several years focused on pocket telephones, now delivering Wrestling Revolution 3D [official site] to us. MDickie is perhaps best known for the astonishing biblical sandbox RPG The You Testament but his wrestle 'em ups offer fine fightfun. Resident slamfan Adam even declared that MDickie's old Wrestling MPire Remix was probably the best wrestling sim. I'm glad that PC matmasters can once again smell what MDickie is cooking.

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Along with a career mode and sandbox shenanigans, it also has a booking career where you need to run an entertaining show (and can join in, of course). Multiplayer is local only, sadly.

Wrestling Revolution 3D isn't pretty and it isn't slick but it does get that wrestling should be lively and weird. Chaos! Drama! Special matches! Huge matches! Furniture! Ladders! Weapons! Double rings!

I'm sure Adam will shout at us plenty soon. He has already told us a bit, gabbing about Wrestling Revolution 3D's pocket version in his early access review of Fire Pro Wrestling World:

"I've played it a lot on mobile and it's pretty much the opposite of Fire Pro. The fighting system doesn't have any of the flow or precision, but the world is packed with competing feds, and wrestlers who move between them, feud, retire, switch styles, compete for titles, and even die on occasion. It’s bonkers and messy and sometimes far too chaotic, but in a way that makes it a very honest depiction of pro wrestling."

Wrestling Revolution 3D is out for Windows and Mac on Steam. It costs £7.14/9,74€/$9.74 right now, which includes a 35% launch week discount. The pocket version is free but ad-supported, costing $10 to disable ads and unlock all features.

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