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Wretched "Date A Gamer" Site Sinks Even Lower

Despite having been exposed as a complete farce, the idiocy of Date A Gamer/Shag A Gamer continues. These so-called dating sites, which rely on bought-in profiles and enormous quantities of spam, are once again trolling to suggest they're there to help gamers get laid. One third of gamers, they claim, are virgins. As if that's a bad thing. As if it's a disease they need to cure. They are arseholes. And as such they've created a series of videos explaining to gamers how to get dates/laid.

I'm not linking to their sites, mostly because I can't be bothered with the "you're just giving them the attention they want" complaints, when what I actually want to do is highlight that these people are shits, and that being a gamer who has not had sex is a perfectly normal and acceptable thing. Antithesis to their kindergarten-drop-out thesis.

There are five tawdry videos released to promote the site, in which two women in revealing t-shirts awkwardly read out an astonishingly sexist script.

"Even though we're not the brains behind the computer games," says one hired model, referring to all of womankind, "if it wasn't for our kind of nature, you boys would be nowhere." Proof of this remarkable claim is demonstrated because a footballer mentioned his mum once. No, really. She continues,

"Some men think us women are high maintenance. They obviously haven't played Diablo 3."

Er, what?

Their "please don't kill my family" delivery goes on to give some of the most banal advice imaginable ("Leave the Hawaiian shirt at home."), intercut with shots of the women's breasts, and smacking their own bottoms. The third video promises to instruct "How to impress a Girl into Bed after the first date" (sic). "Don't be afraid to connect with them hot girls, and don't have no preconceptions," we're advised. The assurance of all irony being left outside comes when one model says, "Don't let them eyes go wandering," as the camera instantly cuts to a long-holding close-up of her breasts. And then, well, it doesn't give a single piece of information about how to get a girl to sleep with you on the first date. Likely because everyone involved in its production wouldn't have the faintest clue.

All the way through it sounds a bit like a dad trying to use the hip, groovy terms of the young people, with misplaced attempts to script "fragged" and "beat-em-ups" appearing throughout. "Overload my buffer," we're told. The result is an overwhelmingly sad affair, disinterested women saying badly written nonsense, while the camera leers over their legs and tits.

It bears repeating that both their sites are farcical, as brilliantly exposed by PCGN's Steve Hogarty. The site really has nothing to do with gaming nor gamers, but instead bought-in profiles from White Label Dating, and a great deal of spam. You discover this after you've signed up for a £20/m account, which Hogarty discovered can only be cancelled by calling a phone number, at which point they might even force you into an extended stay followed by another humiliating phone call to make later.

Which is all to say, while a dating site for gamers would absolutely be no bad thing, this isn't one, and looks to me like a pretty bad thing. And the ridiculous notion that being a virgin is automatically an issue is a ghastly attitude that causes nothing but shame and harm. It's obviously perfectly normal, and nothing to be ashamed of.

I've embedded by far the most verbally offensive, and the least visually naughty video below. It's not really safe for work. It beggars belief.

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In short, stay far away from both Date A Gamer and Shag A Gamer. They aren't dating sites for gamers at all.

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